Our Raw Credo

We believe simple is best. So, Redbud’s Gourmet Raw Dog Food is made from only fresh, whole, raw foods - USDA meats, organ meat, fat, ground bones (or eggshell powder) and organic vegetables and organic fruits. That’s it. Redbud’s Raw has been made in small batches at the same USDA-facility in beautiful Denver, Colorado, by people we know and trust since 2010.

Why Raw Meat? Because Grain is for the Birds

Redbud, Ana Banana, and your dog are natural meat-eaters. Their teeth and jaws are designed for ripping and tearing meat. (Those teeth are called “canines” for a reason.) They have a short digestive system and strong stomach acid that enables them to efficiently and safely digest raw meat, bone, and organ meat. Their saliva contains enzymes that attack bacteria and prevent infection. Dogs do not digest grains well because they lack a specific enzyme that breaks down starches. In short, they were designed - perfectly - to eat a raw, meaty diet.


Benefits of A Fresh, Raw, Meaty Diet

We’ve seen this with our own eyes and you will see positive changes in your dog. They will enjoy vibrant health, have more energy, and maintain their proper weight. They will also have a lustrous coat, healthy skin, cleaner teeth and gums, fewer allergies, healthy joints, a stronger digestive system, and brighter eyes. Adding even a little raw food to your dog’s diet will have a positive impact.