Calling all Spoiled Dog Owners...

You know who you are.

Your dogs sleep with you in your bed, (possibly with their own ergonomic pillow). Your vacations are planned around dog-friendly hotels. Your dog's toys take up more room than your designer shoe collection. So on and so on.

It's only the best of the best for your dog - the best vet/chiropractor/acupuncturist, best groomer, best outfits, leashes, collars, toys, and treats, so why not the best food for your dog?

For spoiled dogs that's Redbud's Gourmet Raw Dog Food.

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Our Story

Here’s the backstory on our own spoiled dogs.

It begins with a gorgeous, red, longhaired dachshund we call Redbud. When he came into our lives as a 3-year old rescue, we decided to spoil him rotten for the rest of his life.

The first thing we did was find him his boon companion - Ana Banana - our beloved wire-haired dachshund, who will be equally spoiled beyond her wildest dreams.

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Our Raw Credo

We believe simple is best.

Redbud’s Gourmet Raw Dog Food is made from only fresh, whole, raw foods - USDA meats, organ meat, fat, ground bones (or eggshell powder) and organic vegetables and organic fruits. That’s it.

Redbud’s Raw has been made in small batches at the same USDA-facility in beautiful Denver, Colorado, by people we know and trust since 2010.

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Convenient For You

Since you are very busy spoiling your dog, we’ve made it very convenient for you to feed Redbud’s Gourmet Raw Dog Food to your dog.

Each two-pound, resealable, leakproof bag of Redbud’s Raw contains sixteen two-ounce medallions. That makes portioning simple and serving very easy. And with delivery directly to your home, Redbud’s is the most convenient way to serve your dog a healthy, raw diet.

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